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Stories from our Members

Dra. Teresa is very competent in discussing the items and comprehensive in discussing the topics and answering questions.
Claudine de Castro
Thank you NIAT for having an online training program for us. Pandemic is not a hindrance to learning and achieving goals ????
Sharlyn Rose B. Obeles
 The CPP Program is helpful. It clarifies the concerns I have in processing payroll and gave me confidence as a payroll practitioner. 
Rica Policarpio Bunyi
Payroll is one of the crucial jobs and Dr. Ma. Teresa has been a great speaker and I look forward to learning more!
Jay Ann S. Lastierre
I already had previous experience in handling the full payroll cycle, preparation, and management. With the CPP program, I was able to learn many more things that I did not encounter in my previous work. The CPP program is a comprehensive program that will prepare you to become a great payroll professional and is a highly recommended program to be taken, active in payroll or not since we all receive the same thing – salaries, something that we all need to learn about. A very wonderful program from NIAT!
Kevin Troy M. Chua
I learned and cleared a lot of things about payroll.
Angelo N. Caganda
The training is clearly explained. Also, the examples are concrete.
Jubelly Varona
Very well explained about the payroll/taxation.
Kimberly Darlene C. Eusebio
Very Good Program for payroll practitioners
Arjay Cabico
Thanks for the new learnings! God bless.
Desiree Del Rosario
I’ve clarified a lot of things that confuse me. Thanks a lot.
Jenny Mae M. Aban
The online lecture is a great learning reinforcement.
Charmagne Uriarte
Very informative! And Dra. Ma. Teresa was into it!
Janine Hilis
I really enjoyed the 3 weeks of training and I am looking forward to the examination as I believe that I am equipped with all the knowledge needed. Thanks to Dra. Teresa who, was such an effective lecturer and she ensures that all topics were well discussed.
Ma. Cristinaris Javier Cristuta
This event helped me to be updated in the current payroll practice. I’m happy that I took this program.
Joyce Rosario
The training is very helpful for me. I learned something new and updated learnings I have previously learned.
Cherwin Grace Cid
The training is wonderful. It gives me practical knowledge for my career as a freelance payroll person. Thank you for the opportunity.
Eduard Montemayor
Clearly discuss all the needed to learn from the modules, explanation, and the speaker.
Grego Dilig
Explained clearly.
Roland Lladoni
Good job NIAT! God bless
Sherlyn Diaz
Convenient and informative.
Zarah Angeline Dilig