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Advance your career with ICCP’s payroll certification program. The Certified Payroll Professional® designation is the only recognized payroll certification in the industry

Benefits of Becoming a CPP®

CPP designation holders add value to their organization

Stand out in the job market and promote payroll career

Adhere to the highest level ethical and professional standards

How to Become CPP®?

Complete the CPP® offered by ICPP accredited providers

Pass the CPP® examination

Adhere to ICPP code of ethics

What is a CPP® Program?

Certified Payroll Professional CPP® program is the premier designation of ICPP. This designation is ideal for those want a career in payroll practice or payroll professionals who want to level up their competency.

This program provides a basic foundation to payroll practice theory, knowledge and skills required to work in a high-level capacity in any organization.

Course Syllabus

The course consists of the following topics:

MODULE 1 : Payroll Concept and Labor Law Guidelines

Employment and Contracts
Payroll and Benefits Management and Reporting

MODULE 2: Payroll Calculations

Minimum wage application
Withholding taxes computation and reporting

MODULE 3 : Payroll Management and Administration

HR Policies and Payroll Procedures
Payroll and Benefits Application and Guidelines

MODULE 4: Accounting and Year End Reporting

Preparation of Annual Alpha listings
Accounting Periods
Journal Entries

MODULE 5 : Audits

Audit Policies and Procedures
Payroll System Controls
Internal Controls

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