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Founded in 2010, the Institute of Certified Payroll Professionals (ICPP) is the leading professional body for payroll practitioners in the country.

ICPP is the recognized organization of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Payroll Professionals, the largest payroll body in UK. CPP® members become automatic affiliate member of CIPP UK.

Sponsored by the National Institute of Accounting Technicians, the largest professional body for accounting technicians in the Philippines, ICPP has growing national presence with members in the payroll practice industry.

As the voice of Philippines’ payroll practitioners, ICPP provides leadership on issues affecting the payroll profession in the country, as well as its recognition.

ICCP’s certification, the Certified Payroll Professional or CPP® designation, considered as the gold standard in payroll profession, is the only recognized payroll designation in the Philippines.

The CPP® program prepares candidates to manage payroll requirements of an organization and contributes to the achievement of an organization’s overall strategy objectives.


We aspire to be the most relevant professional body for payroll practitioners and one of the world’s most progressive payroll institute



Our mission to become the professional body of first choice for payroll professionals. We aim to add value to every payroll practitioner in the organization by:

Providing training and professional certification

Recognizing professional experience and achievements

Offering advancement opportunities

Providing continuing professional development


We will increase public recognition and appreciation of the payroll practice as a respectable profession.  

We will enhance the value and reputation of the payroll profession through the CPP® designations.

We will work with academic institutions to ensure payroll education reflects the needs of our core stakeholders.

We will enhance member skills by providing ongoing professional development opportunities for career growth.

Code of Professional Conduct

General Ethical Principle

1. Contribute to society and to human well-being, acknowledging that all people are stakeholders

2. Minimize of intentionally or unintentionally harming others

3. Be honest and trustworthy.

4. Be fair and promote equality and respect for others

5. Respect privacy and understand the rights and responsibilities of others

6. Honor confidentiality of information of employers and client

Professional Responsibilities

1. Endeavor to achieve high quality professional work

2. Maintain high standards of professional competence, conduct, and ethical practice.

3. Know and respect existing rules pertaining to professional work.

4. Accept and provide appropriate professional review.

5. Perform work only in areas of competence.

6. Manage staffs and resources to enhance the quality of working life.

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