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Why Hire a CPP®?

ICPP members demonstrate a commitment to professional competency in payroll practice. CPP®’s belong to a group of professionals that share the Institute’s passion for the application of leading-edge payroll best practices to your organization.

What CPP®s can Bring?

1.  Help you get your system organized.

Proper payroll setup begins with effective systems and processes for managing tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines. This can include software tools for managing various types of information.

2.  Help you document your payroll processes.

Knowing your payroll process is important. A clear documentation of your process is also critical in the event that there are any concerns or issues raised from employees or stakeholders.

3. Help you manage expectations and accountability.

When payroll rules and guidelines are organized and properly communicated, it is necessary for employers to make sure management and staff are accountable to the process.

4. Trained to pay attention to the details.

Mistakes in payroll process can have a great impact to your staffs and employees. Understanding the ins-and-outs of every aspect of the process can help you minimize losses and maximize the value of your payroll process to support your business.

5. Adapt with your business as you expand and grow.

Every business is different and every payroll system is unique. Knowing your organizational goals and company culture can help you decide which payroll system is best for your business.

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