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Stories from our Members

( CPP Program Batch 31 & 32)

I have learned a lot in this session and become updated to labor laws and govt rules related to payroll. Very informative. The speaker caters/answers our questions. This program is very recommendable with the best speaker!
Mary Ann F. Aquino
United Marine Training Center Inc.
Payroll Officer
Batch 31
I had a meaningful 3 Saturdays. The program helps me to understand payroll processing thoroughly. It makes me also feel more confident about my profession with all the knowledge that I learned with the program.
Kayeleen Cuevas
P&A Grant Thornton Solutions Inc.
Payroll Specialist
Batch 32
This training has given me the opportunity to clarify those payroll questions that are raised by our stakeholders as well as mine. We don’t have proper training with regards to PH payroll and this will surely help me guide the team in ensuring that what we do is aligned with our Tax or Labor laws.
Sharonet B. Pacheco
Nestle Business Services
Payroll Process Team Lead
Batch 31
Good job NIAT! God bless
Jane Alday
Loscam Phils. Inc
Payroll and Documentation Executive
Batch 32
I Can definitely use all my gained knowledge to my current work.
Ren-Jo Francisco
Nestle Business Services Manila
Hire to Retire Associate – Payroll Processor
Batch 32
Happy and so much learning with you NIAT!
Sheila Marie Aficial
Payroll Auditor
Batch 32
The training sessions are great as refreshers for the implementing rules and regulations of Payroll and DOLE and the updates were timely.
Jaycee Paraiso Carta
ANZ Global Services and Operations Manila Inc
Senior Officer for Payroll Governance
Batch 31